How Many Hours Are Wasted On Email And What You Can Do About It

The McKinsey Global Institute has revealed an alarming statistic: The average employee spends 474 hours per year sorting through and reading unnecessary emails! Yikes! Not only is that extremely unproductive (and somewhat annoying), but it can also result in many overlooked communications due to accidental use of the delete key. Please take the short quiz below to determine whether this post could prevent you from wasting nearly 20 days of your life each year.

Have you ever found yourself in these situations before?

  • Realized that you just CC’d your entire team unintentionally.
  • Found an important email in trash days later.
  • Wondered, “Why am I included in this email?”
  • Felt that the idea of cleaning up your inbox is about as easy as catching a greased pig.

If you answered yes to any part of the quiz, then the below guidelines can assist you in perfecting your email etiquette: