Announcement – Plesk License Price Adjustment

Dear Customers,

We are reaching out to provide you with important information about a price adjustment for Plesk licenses coming into effect on December 1st, 2022. WebPros, the developer of Plesk Control Panel, is going to increase Plesk license prices as follows:

Plesk Licenses

Price (per month)

Plesk 10 domains / Web Admin license


Plesk 100 domains / Web Pro license


Plesk Hosting Suite / Web Host license


If you are using one of the VPS services with a Plesk license, you will be affected by this price increase.

There is no action required. The price adjustment will be applied automatically from December 1st, 2022 onwards.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our sales team at:
Sales Team

Tell A Better Story With Microsoft Sway

Tell A Better Story With Microsoft Sway

Telling a story is a very unique and special part of running a business. When done right, a story can move an audience, whether it’s sharing a vision for a better world to launching a new product.

For many years, businesses have told their story using Microsoft PowerPoint. As business people, we’ve gotten used to the transitions, clip art, and hundreds of slides that some presenters choose to get their point across.

If you’re one of those who has had to sit through a boring PowerPoint presentation, fear no more. Microsoft’s launch of Sway changes the paradigm and adds a deeper layer of design, intuition, and creativity never seen before. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at 3 reasons why the technologically savvy business owner should consider using Sway to take their presentations to the next level.


WordPress Wednesday: Conquering The Mailing List

WordPress Wednesday: Conquering The Mailing List

As organic reach on Facebook for brand pages dip to all-time lows and social media as a whole becomes more and more noisy, business owners and those with personal brands are looking for more effective ways to reach their audiences. When there are so many options out there and already so much to do, what is a time-strapped person to do?

Turn to an old reliable: the mailing list.

Thankfully, we’re not just talking about physical mailing lists that involve printing and sending out fliers but also email mailing lists as well, which have grown in interest over the past few years due to the fact it’s one of the last few elements of an audience that a business owner or brand can own since social media posts don’t always hit their intended audiences.

As a business owner you might be new to the world of email lists. In this blog post, we’ll talk about what email lists are, why they are important, and how you can use them within your WordPress installation to grow your list.

Let’s go!


Why Your Website Should Always Be A “Work In Progress”

Why Your Website Should Always Be A “Work In Progress”

In today’s technology-rich world, people and their businesses are expected to be on all the time. Whether it’s being available on social media or having a constantly updated website, having available and accessible media is the desire of many, especially for those looking for a momentary distraction.
For websites that are run by individuals and sole proprietors, the desire is certainly there to let a website sit upon publish. For those especially where web development and design may not be a strength, just being able to place content, ensure that all the tags close, and call it a day can be an achievement in itself.

Suffice to say – it’s unfortunately not enough.

In today’s blog post we’ll look at why a website should always be a “work in progress”, and why a true website should never be complete.

1. Search Engine Indexing Matters

The process in which search engines catalog and categorize websites is the science of indexing, which is what Google has become known for. Until Google gets around to indexing your website, it’s not going to show up in search results, and neglecting the updating process of your website means that any search engine finding it is only going to take longer.


WordPress Wednesday: 3 Critical Details For Your Website Theme

Welcome to WordPress Wednesdays, a weekly series where we will be focusing on a specific aspect of WordPress that we think administrators should be aware of. Today we address website themes and why you should care about them for your installation of WordPress.

One of the first things that visitors to your website will see when they come to your website is the design. Look and feel for your website are important because it dictates the experience that visitors will have, and the sooner they can get to your content and consume the value you’re putting out there, the sooner your content will be shared with others.

With WordPress, conquering the challenge of look and feel is fairly easy with themes. You can install themes right from the administrative console and do a search through their database for ones that you may want for your website. If the theme you want does not exist, can code and upload your own as well. If neither of those two options work, you can go to many different websites around the Internet which crowd source themes you can purchase as well.

In today’s edition of WordPress Wednesday, we’ll cover themes and the common questions for why this small detail is a much bigger deal than it really is.