We’ve all had one of those days. A day where the world around you has decided to make things much harder to get things done. As a parent of two young boys, just getting out the door in the morning is a win. One time I was rushing to finish up some work at the breakfast table because a 9 am presentation was looming. I normally don’t like doing work during quality time with the kids, but there was no other choice.

I was typing away, while trying to enjoy a bagel. The boys were eating cereal and playing with toy cars at the same time. What could go wrong? Did I mention there was a tall glass of orange juice next to my laptop? Read on.

I entered the last image and did one last review. I was ready for the presentation. My team would be thrilled as it was a work in progress for several weeks.

Then it happened. I had barely saved the presentation and minimized the screen, when a 4 car pile-up happened on our table, knocking the orange juice all over my computer. The kids stopped their horseplay immediately and there was silence in the room. This was not good.

I frantically grabbed for paper towel, the place mat and anything else that could mop up the juice that was streaming through the insides of my work computer. The screen went blank and I noticed the power source light was off. I was not even worried about the computer. I was terrified that I just lost my presentation. There was only a few hours until I had to share it with clients. I did not think they would find the juice story that cute.

The Cloud to the Rescue

After cleaning up and shuffling the boys out of the room, I had a moment of clarity. I actually realized there was nothing to worry about. My documents weren’t tied to this computer that just had an OJ shower. My laptop was probably fried but the presentation could go on. That’s because our office had recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 365, a suite of productivity tools that includes online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
In short, my Office 365 docs were automatically saved to the cloud thanks to OneDrive for Business.

All I needed was access to the Internet and these days, that is pretty much anywhere. I could now use another device to access my presentation in OneDrive and edit it with the free apps included in the new version of Office. That’s just what I did. I grabbed a tablet and confirmed the presentation was still there. I checked it for orange juice stains and continued my morning routine without worry.

Once I got to work, IT was certainly not very happy about the spill, but I was able to call up the presentation on a co-workers computer and we did our thing. A happy ending.

The Old Way to Use Office

Back in the old days, (i.e. pre-Office 365), I would create a document, start a draft, save the file, and email it to a colleague to work on. They would do add to it, save the file, and email it back to me. This process repeated itself for every member of the team until we had a final document. When it was time to present the information, I’d open the doc saved on my computer’s hard drive. It was a little on the painful side.

With Office 365, those days are over. Your productivity can reach new levels, and the way we do business can keep pace with the way we live our lives.

Maybe with less breakfast work sessions with the kids at the table? Ah who are we kidding? That’s what makes running your own business fun.

Seamless Migration and Full Support

Ready to save yourself from orange juice spills, dropped computers and the dog eating your homework? Office 365 from myhosting is the solution. Not only do you get enterprise-level business tools and security, you get the peace of mind that the myhosting team is there to fully migrate and support your business. Choose the business plan that fits your company best.

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