Oracle updates Service Cloud, Social Cloud so companies can analyze customer comments
Caroline Wall

“Tech giant Oracle rolled out Monday new features for its Service Cloud and Social Cloud – all with the intention of creating a better way for companies to harness customer data and feedback via social channels.

Service Cloud now has Community Self-Service, which means customers of a particular company can ask questions and receive answers from peers, all while having those conversations take place under the watchful eye of the company. Oracle said this also helps prevent an overload of questions directed at company contact centers since customers may help each other.”

End of U.S. oversight of Internet’s domain name overseer delayed to next year
John Ribeiro

“U.S. oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the coordinator of the Internet’s domain name system, will continue through September next year and perhaps even beyond.
The Internet global multi-stakeholder community needs time to complete its work, have the plan reviewed by the U.S. government and then put it into action if approved, the U.S. Department of Commerce said Monday.”

VAIO computers sans Sony branding are coming back to the U.S.
Raymond Wong

“Before Apple’s MacBooks and iMacs became the gold standard of premium computer design, Sony ruled the computing world with its sleek VAIO computers.

We thought we’d never see another hot VAIO computer sold outside of Japan ever again after Sony sold the VAIO division to Japan Industrial Partners last year, but it looks like they were only hibernating, waiting for the right moment to make a triumphant return. VAIO laptops will once again be sold in the U.S. and Brazil in Microsoft retail stores, according to The Wall Street Journal.”

Office 365 beats Salesforce as most popular enterprise service in new survey
Blair Hanley Frank

“Microsoft’s Office 365 has passed as the most popular service among companies that use Okta’s device and identity management products, according to a new report released Thursday.
From November 2013 to June 2015, Microsoft went from being the fourth most popular service to passing Google Apps, Box and recently to become the most-used app among the more than 2,500 companies that rely on Okta’s services. Those businesses range from large enterprises like Intel to smaller firms with fewer than 250 people.”

Windows Hello’ Facial Recognition: Whether Twins Can Fool It
Alyssa Newcomb

“Windows Hello — the new facial recognition feature in Windows 10 that allows a user to unlock their computer just by looking at it — seems to be better at distinguishing faces than even some humans.

The Australian put the system to the ultimate privacy test by seeing if it could distinguish between several sets of identical twins. An account was set up for one twin and then the other was asked to attempt to log on by standing in front of the computer.

The result: Not one wrong twin was given access to the computer, according to the newspaper, suggesting the software was able to maintain privacy even when dealing with identical twins.”

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