Adblock Plus Finally Lands On iOS And In Google Play — As A Browser App
Natasha Lomas

“Popular desktop ad-blocking software Adblock Plus, which has some 50 million+ monthly active users worldwide, has finally launched an iOS app. It’s also managed to convince Google to allow its ad-blocking browser for Android back in the Play Store, noting that this is the first time since March 2013 it’s been allowed in the Google-controlled Android app store.

Speaking to TechCrunch back in July, ABP’s head of ops, Ben Williams, said the company was planning to launch an Adblock Plus browser for iOS in “early fall/late summer”. So they’re spot on in their timing.”

Google Partners with CDNs to Lower Cloud Prices for Users Who Cache Content At “The Edge”
Yevgeniy Sverdlik

“Google has partnered with four Content Delivery Network providers to slash bandwidth costs for users of its cloud infrastructure services. Customers who use CloudFlare, Fastly, Highwinds, or Level 3 CDN services together with Google Cloud Platform will pay less for in-region egress traffic from their cloud environments.

Put simply, if you use CloudFlare’s CDN, for example, to serve files from your Google cloud VMs to customers in one of the regions covered by the partnership, your data transport costs out of the Google data center that hosts the VMs will be lower than usual.”

Microsoft confirms Office 2016’s release date: September 22
Jared Newman

“Microsoft has confirmed a September 22 release date for Office 2016, alongside plans for monthly feature updates through Office 365.

The release date had previously appeared in a leaked image from Microsoft’s employee intranet. In a blog post, Microsoft’s Julie White acknowledged that you “may have heard the rumors” before confirming the official launch date.”

If you already have a subscription for Office 365 small business tools you can get access to Office 2016 sooner.

Google’s Android Pay mobile payments service arrives in the US
Richard Nieva & Ben Fox Rubin

“For Google, the second crack at mobile payments could be the charm.

Android Pay, the search giant’s latest attempt to spur people into paying for items using their smartphone, launched Thursday, the company said in a blog post. Google struck agreements to get the service into more than 1 million locations in the US through retailers including Macy’s, Whole Foods and Walgreens.”

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