The capabilities of Office 365 extend beyond the productivity solutions end-users have come to know and love. Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype and subsequent re-branding to Skype for Business from Lync added much needed communication and collaboration opportunities.

For organizations looking to get more out of Skype for Business, the next iteration has arrived. Earlier in July, Microsoft announced new Skype for Business Services in Office 365 for enterprise customers.

Here is a preview of features in the pipeline:

Skype Meeting Broadcast – For some companies, business meetings can be very large. Skype Meeting Broadcast is available to eligible Office 365 customers worldwide and enables up to 10,000 people to attend a Skype for Business meeting on any device. Bing Pulse and Yammer are integrated as well, allowing for real-time polling and interactive dialogue between attendees.

PTSN Conferencing – Meeting attendees can now dial into a Skype for Business call from a landline or mobile phone. This traditional dial in capability is in addition to the currently-existing join options on a PC, smartphone, or browser, and allows individuals to join where Internet accessibility is unavailable. Additionally, this feature will enable addition of meeting attendees by dialing out.

Cloud PBX with PTSN Calling – This feature enables individuals to make and receive traditional phone calls in their Skype for Business client. Additionally, individuals can manage their phone calls with features like hold, resume, forward, and transfer. The Cloud PBX feature will be available in late-2015 with a configuration option for customers to use existing on-premises phone lines for inbound and outbound phone calling.

Alongside these new services, Microsoft also plans to offer Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365, enabling customers to create private network connections between their premises and Microsoft datacenters. This feature will offer more predictable network performance and the ability to better manage network availability, resulting in better connectivity and increased privacy.
In all, we believe the future for Skype for Business is bright, with customers thriving in a cloud-based solution.

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