Imagine if the hardest part of running your day-to-day business was choosing what kind of muffins to get the staff each morning. That would be sweet, wouldn’t it?

But, no. Instead of chocolate chip or cran-apple, you are dealing with bigger issues that usually begin with managing infrastructure and the business software that your company operates on.

Constant version updates, shoring up security, adding new users to the system and then, actually doing the task at hand in the most productive way. It’s easy to spend weeks of your life just maintaining something as basic as providing email for your team.

You need that time back. You need it to be simple to communicate no matter where you work from.

You need to do business in the cloud.

Recap: It’s time to streamline business and move to the cloud. To The Rescue

The gang at knows all about the cloud because they have been providing top-notch hosting services for companies of all sizes since 1997. Basically they know what a business needs to be successful and these days it requires more than a website and a hosting package.

You need powerful software that everyone is familiar with and can use without much training. You need one place to order, activate and manage cloud-based software that removes the burden on your IT department.

You need a Direct Marketplace that puts everything in one easy-to-manage user account that provides around the clock support.

Well now, this is a reality. Check out the newly launched Direct Marketplace.

Recap: has decades of experience with SMBs and understand what they need to succeed.

The Direct Marketplace Advantage

SMBs worldwide are taking advantage of cloud technology to streamline operations and reduce the time spent on IT resources. Work can be done anytime and from anywhere thanks to having access to files stored in the cloud. This is not new and we don’t pretend that it is.

But, up until now, it still takes a lot of elbow grease and waiting on the phone for hours talking to various software providers to get set up. For those who have done this, you know the pain and we are here to take it away. The fear you may have for making the jump to the cloud will drift away with a few clicks.

The Direct Marketplace basically assembles the best business software in one place for you to choose from and add on to. Pick what you need, pay a monthly subscription fee and have the software installed. No more worrying about version updates, security patches or trying to get the big vendors on the phone. Support is provided directly from the team no matter the software you need a hand with. There are even professional serves to take care of large ventures like email migration.

Recap: In only a few clicks, you can order, activate and manage cloud-based software in one place and have it fully supported by

Start With Microsoft Office 365

To get things started, you can easily add Microsoft Office 365 to your business. Everyone is familiar with what Office 365 offers. Popular tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and Skype for Business are used every day. Communication and collaboration will never be better thanks to SharePoint Online and Exchange Online. Every business needs email right?

By going through for your Office 365 needs, you gain top-notch support with fast turnaround times, the ability to add on new seats or products when you want and finally, have one bill each month for everything.

Office 365 offers the most popular and widely used productivity tools on the planet, which makes it easy for your business to scale without draining IT resources in the process. Everything is secure and updates happen in real-time.

Take a look at the three plans we offer and in a few clicks, integrate into your business.
Have employees spread out or need to work remotely? Not a problem.

Office 365 allows employees to retrieve and share the latest email, contacts, calendars and files from any device, whenever needed. There is no need to worry about synchronizing devices, saving files to a USB stick or emailing updated files back and forth. Everyone has access to the most updated version of whatever project is being worked on.

Yes, all of this is taken care between Office 365 and the support team. All you have to do is focus on business instead of how your team is supposed to be productive.

Recap: Office 365 is a must-have for any business working in the cloud. Choose the plan that works best and easily integrate it, never having to worry about updates and security.

Final Thoughts

Despite what you have heard, the cloud won’t do the following:

· Make you less productive.
· Cost you a fortune
· Lose all of your data

Doing business in the cloud will do the complete opposite. It will make you and your team much more productive, you will save money and time and all of your vital data will be seamlessly migrated, backed up and safely stored.

By using the Direct Marketplace, you can take all of the worry and pain out of managing how software affects your business. Between having everything stored in one account and our team of cloud experts looking out for you, there is really nothing to lose.

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